Company Services: Our team includes professional and accredited scientists with SACNASP, ASAPA, APHP and the IAIAsa: 1.Archaeology & Heritage Resources Management

  • Phase I and Phase II archaeological research, impact assessment studies and mitigation work
  • Anthropological research and development
  • Phase I and Phase II burial grounds and graves studies and mitigation work
  • Phase I and Phase II heritage impact assessment studies (these studies include multi-specialist inputs e.g. archaeology, history, burial grounds and graves, historic built environment and palaeontology)
  • Heritage audits and conservation management plans
  • Phase I and Phase II palaeontological research and impact assessment studies

2.Environmental & Sustainability Studies 

  • Environmental, social and governance strategies i.e. ESG
  • Sustainability reporting in design and implementation of infrastructure projects focusing on green elements both passive and active strategies
  • Environmental management and permitting
  • Social and socio-economic studies
  • Research and development of social labour plans i.e. SLPs
  • Development of relocation action plans (RAP) in projects that involve relocation of communities to mitigate against adverse project impacts
  • Social risks audits and monitoring in construction and community related projects
  • Strategy and business development focusing on  enterprise development and socio-economic development

NGT Infraco

Company Services: Our team includes multi-desciplinary specialists  and professionals within the built environment sector accredited with professional bodies such as SAIA, CESA, SACPCMP, APHP and ASAPA.


  • Construction project management (turnkey services)
  • Design and construction of heritage sites, monuments and memorials
  • General buildings (incl. alterations & renovations)
  • Steel security and precast concrete
  • General facilities management (turnkey services)

2. Conservation

  • Restoration and refurbishment of heritage sites, monuments and memorials
  • Maintenance and management of heritage sites, monuments and memorials
  • Closure and rehabilitation
  • Vegetation management i.e. Invasive plants in water bodies
  • Landscaping, irrigation and horticultural work i.e. design and implementation


  • Hydrology and hydrogeological studies
  • Stormwater management plans (incl. design and construction)
  • Waste Water Treatment Plants remedial works (Incl. supplies and fitments)
  • Landfill Sites remedial works (Incl. supplies and fitments)
  • Roads and parking lots markings, pavements, signage
  • Vegetation management i.e. road servitudes, transmission and distribution servitudes, railway lines servitudes