NGT ESHS Solutions

Company Services:

Our team includes professional and accredited scientists with SACNASP, ASAPA, APHP and the IAIAsa:

Archaeology & Heritage Resources Management

  1. Phase I and Phase II archaeological research, impact assessment studies and mitigation work
  2. Anthropological research and development
  3. Phase I and Phase II burial grounds and graves studies and mitigation work
  4. Phase I and Phase II heritage impact assessment studies (these studies include multi-specialist inputs e.g. archaeology, history, burial grounds and graves, historic built environment and palaeontology)
  5. Heritage audits and conservation management plans
  6. Phase I and Phase II palaeontological research and impact assessment studies

Environment & Sustainability Studies 

  1. Environmental, social and governance strategies i.e. ESG
  2. Sustainability reporting in design and implementation of infrastructure projects focusing on green elements both passive and active strategies
  3. Environmental management and permitting
  4. Social and socio-economic studies
  5. Research and development of social labour plans i.e. SLPs
  6. Development of relocation action plans (RAP) in projects that involve relocation of communities to mitigate against adverse project impacts
  7. Social risks audits and monitoring in construction and community related projects
  8. Strategy and business development focusing on  enterprise development and socio-economic development


Company Services:

Our team includes multi-desciplinary specialists  and professionals within the built environment sector accredited with professional bodies such as SAIA, CESA, SACPCMP, APHP and ASAPA.

Architectural Conservation & Restoration 

  1. Conservation and restoration of heritage buildings and structures
  2. Restoration and maintenance of public artworks, heritage plaques, memorials, coat of arms

Design & Construction of Heritage Sites   

  1. Memorials, monuments and heritage sites – GB, CIDB Level 1
  2. Design, manufacturing and sales of heritage plaques, public art works and coats of arms

Projects & Facilities Management 

  1. Consulting on professional services within the built environment
  2. General building and maintenance – GB, CIBB Level 1
  3. Management, general maintenance and care of declared heritage sites and monuments; and complexes (under body corporate) and private residences-GB, CIBB Level 1
  4. Civil engineering focusing in water and sanitation, sidewalks and minor roadworks (design and construction), as well as stormwater drainage systems, culverts, parking lots and pavements – CE, CIDB Level 1
  5. Landscaping, irrigation and horticultural work –SH, CIDB Level 1
  6. Road marking (including parking lots in malls, complexes and office parks) and signage –SK, CIDB Level 1
  7. Restoration of old exhibition, display furniture and timber in museums, galleries, historic buildings and heritage sites–SM, CIDB Level 1
  8. Steel security fencing and precast concrete– SQ, CIDB 1